Bringing Business Intelligence into Finance Curriculum


The quantity of information around us is rising wherever we look. Companies are using Business Intelligence techniques to explore data to get a complete view of their operations which allows them to discover trends, improve their forecasting and operate more efficiently. The banking industry perceives Business Intelligence as a major tool for determining the consumer creditworthiness. For that we need new kinds of business intelligence professions. At the same time, Business Intelligence has not yet become a mainstream field at Business Schools and the shortage of Business Intelligence related professions will continue to rise. The main goal of this paper is to report on the development of an applied Business Intelligence (BI) module for the finance curriculum. The structure and components of this module will be presented as a BI life cycle that can be incorporated in a banking course in the finance curriculum. Such initiatives may be extended to other courses and disciplines, thus helping to promote Business Intelligence to become a widely recognized applied field of study in Business Schools.


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