The analysis on the function of risk management in construction enterprises development

  • Zhu Mingqiang
  • Published 2009 in 2009 ISECS International Colloquium on Computing, Communication, Control, and Management


With rapid economic development and the progressively more intense competition, building industries are facing the constant change, and these will bring risk to the enterprise development. Risk management is needed in the manufacturing course and has become the indispensable part of the national lash-up system. Based on the analysis of risk management situation of construction firms, the connotations of risk management are analyzed in this paper, then the necessity and approaches are also expounded. Appropriate patterns of risk management in building industry are erected based on description and analysis of the risk and the effective methods of risk management are presented. Through systematic research and analysis, this paper intends to provide theoretical foundation for the risk management of the building industry in China and strengthen their capabilities to evade risks.


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